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History - 1990


League Officers
President George Athnos
Vice President Ernie Haffner
Secretary Frances Wasserman
Treasurer George Athnos

  The League started in May, 1990, due to the zeal of George Anthos and Fil Fillion. Enough players were found to allow them to play pickup games. Two teams were formed, the Red and the Blue. As the summer progressed more and more players were added. A point was reached where the teams were too large and many players were not playing more than a few innings. So instead of forming two new teams, each team selected two sets of players, called "A" and "B", who would play in a second game if too many players showed up.  

Team Won Lost Tie PCT PCT
Red 7 2 1 0.750 ---
Blue 2 7 1 0.250 5.0

Team Rosters
Red "A"
Davis, Jim
Gordon, Richard
Haffner, Ernie
Haviland, John
Levine, Harvey
Sarraino, Joe
Tolhurst, George (M)
Wasserman, Harold
Winters, Gerald
Young, Walt
Red "B"
Beckerich, Phil
Esch, Jim
Fish, Bill
Frederickson, Bill
Morone, Guy
Rosenstein, Marvin
Smith, Don (M)
Taylor, Bud
Young, Dick
Wocher, Jack
Blue "A"
Anthos, George
Brown, Roger
Canavally, Bill
Craig, Ed
Francisco, Cal
Iorio, Duke
James, Ward
Lee, John
Rucigay, John
Scales, Dennis
Tosh, Tom (M)
Blue "B"
Binseel, Jack
Calvagno, Tony
Fillion, Fil (M)
Emerson, Kim
Gallup, Don
Hunt, Bill
Kelly, Joe
Oliphant, Dick
Pilczuk, Ed
Zinssar, Ray
(M) = Manager

Additional Players
Champagne, Bill
Goodwin, Al
Gordon, Gene
Gordon, Ken
Gordon, Robert
Greenhall, John
Lane, Jim
Madais, Pat
Nolan, Frank
O'Keefe, Dan
Varian, Charlie

  There is no written record of how the additional eleven players were used. It is believed that they were placed in the Red and Blue teams, but not exactly sure how. The League was quite disorganized, but very popular. Needless to say there was much unhappiness among the players over the hap-hazard scheduling. This was corrected the following year.  

  The first OTS Banquet was held on Saturday, September 8, 1990, in the Colonie Elks Club off the Watervliet Shaker Road.