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  The Olde Timers Softball League was founded in the spring of 1990 by George Anthos with the assistance of Fil Fillion. They had spent the winter playing hockey in the Clifton Commons Arena and, over coffee on the last day of the season, wondered what they could do in the summer to keep fit. George suggested softball, and Fil agreed. A few men were interested, and some of the newspapers ran a story on it. Within a month there were over fifty men interested. Frances Wasserman, wife of one of the players, became the league's number one rooter and was elected secretary of the league for the next ten years. She is still on the Board of Directors.  
  For the first seven years, the league played their games at the Clifton Commons. In 1997, the league moved to the Veteran's Memorial Park, Elks Trail, Clifton Park where it still plays today.  
  The League has grown in size and popularity. The initial two teams in 1990 grew to four teams in 1991, six teams in 1994, eight teams in 1997 and nine teams in 2002. By 2004 there was sufficient interest for twelve teams in two divisions with approximately 165 players. The Ralph Caltaldo Division (55 & over), named for a seven-year player and treasurer, had eight teams and the newly established Ed Craig Division (65 & over), named for a past President, Secretary and player in the league since it started in 1990, began with four teams.  
  In 2007, the league changed the name to Capital District Senior Softball League.  

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